Know of Substantial Apps Written in Python?

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Fri Mar 30 23:12:10 CEST 2001

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> Know of substantial apps written in Python?
> Preferably something one could download for examination.
> Source code would be nice, but not essential.
> I'm operating under the theory that whatever the POTENTIAL of a language, or
> the 'elegance' of a language's syntax and structure, how large apps actually
> behave in the real world will speak volumes.
> I like, for example, much about Java.  But nearly every example I have seen
> running in the Windows environment has been slow, leaked resources and
> eventually contributed to system crashes.
> (I don't care whether it's the language or the OS
> or the VM or even "bad programming."  What counts are the usual results
> obtained by normal application developers.)
> Suggestions?

What's the definition of "substantial"?

There's Grail, a web browser

There's ZOPE, an internet publishing thingy
(thingy is a technical term  :)

Check - there are plenty of examples
of programs with thousands and thousands of lines of
code.  I'm not sure if you mean "large" when you
say substantial or if you mean well known and widely
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