Jython and jpythonc2

Douglas du Boulay ddb at crystal.uwa.edu.au
Mon Mar 19 05:32:31 CET 2001

Hi, I'm  using JPython1.1 and am in the process of trying 
to run the jpythonc2 compiler on some python sources.

The problem I'm having is that some component of the 
JVM/jpython/jpythonc2 compiler seems to be incredibly memory hungry.
Essentially, by the time around 15 source files (~2000 lines of code)
been processed, the compiler has consumed around 80 Megabytes of ram. 
At that point on a 128Meg(RAM) Compaq Alpha the process apparently 
gets stashed in the swap space. Thereafter, instead of running with 98% 
of the CPU time it runs at about 2%, with continuous disk thrashing.
At the moment, after 3 hours real time, the process has only 
had 8 minutes of actual CPU time and is using 180 megabytes of virtual
RAM. (There are about 80 source files involved here)

My questions are: Has any work been done on the jpythonc2 compiler 
regarding memory use optimization (i.e. would upgrading to 
Jython2.? help), and, are there programming constructs which 
are known to consume vast amounts of memory during a jpythonc2 compile
(i.e. are there coding rules that "power users" know in order to 
avoid such problems)? 


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