Python script for deMSWordification?

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Wed Mar 7 15:50:38 CET 2001

If you have it on your machine you can use itself with Automation to do the


.doc Files are basically OLE Compound Documents that represents an IStorage.
IStorage is an interface that models DCOM structured storage alongside
Comapred to a file system IStorage is a directory, and IStream is a file.
There are APIs to cope with that kind of file.
With Visual Studio comes a tool called DocFile Viewer that shows the basic
content of the file.

But I guess you want to do that on non-MS platform.
This sounds to me like big fun, so enjoy it!


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> Dear fellow Pythoneers;
> Numerous colleagues and administration types send memos, colloqium
> announcements and other things around in Micro$oft word format.  Has
> written a filter in Python that can convert these things into normal text?
> If not, is there a basic set of rules for decoding .doc format files
> anywhere that I can look at?
> Cheers,
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