HELP - beginner to programing/python

Stephen R. Figgins fig at
Tue Mar 20 10:04:20 CET 2001

> As proof of Stephen Figgins genuineness, even though he is writing for the
> O'Reilly web site, he does not recommend any of the O'Reilly books :-)

Thanks, Louis.  I do actually recommend O'Reilly books, just not for
beginning programmers.   I like Learning Python and find it very useful
when I need something wordier than Python Essential Reference.   

My top recommendation for beginning programmers, however, isn't a
particular book or tutorial at all.  The best thing a beginner could do
is find a good mentor.  Books are okay, but good mentors are
invaluable.  It is best if it is someone you know personally, someone
who is doing the kinds of things you want to be able to do.  If you
don't know anyone like that, find people who really want to see you
succeed and are willing to help you.   For that, both this list and the
Python Tutor list are great resources.  Pick any beginning tutorial and
dive in.  Try some things out and when you have questions, ask. 


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