Complete Docs for Python Programming (was several other things)

Spicklemire, Jerry Jerry.Spicklemire at IFLYATA.COM
Fri Mar 16 15:22:09 CET 2001

Don Tuttle wrote:

>Hmm... I guess I didn't make myself clear.  I'm not really interested in
>Python apps.  I'm interested in more specific topics on Python Development.
>In short, don't make me learn VB, Perl, or C++ just so I can THEN figure
>how to do it in Python.  

Amen. This sums up my exasperation with a wonderful product with great 
potential, that fell off the face of the planet. GFA Basic for Windows 
was a port of the popular GFA product, a staple of european developers. 
It could do "anything", and was so far ahead of VB that it was painful. 
However, the pitch was, "Do MS Windows development without having to 
use C, C++". Sound familiar? Really the same as the VB appeal, except 
GFA Basic actually delivered, at least for some. 

So what was the problem? All the documentation said something to the 
effect of, "See Programming Windows" (a C/C++ book) "for details".

Perfect, all I have to do to use this product, so I won't have to 
use C/C++, is to learn how to do everything in C/C++, and then 
translate it. Let's not leave Python in the same fix! 

There are so many amazing tools out there, but the examples in the 
docs are rarely adequate to tell a newby how to do anything real. 
It's difficult, and time consuming, but next time you are moved to 
send an example in answer to a question, think about whether a newby 
will have to learn three other things before it makes sense. A few 
basic comments, and pointers to further documentation can do wonders.

To all of the very generous Guru class Pythoneers that frequent this 
list, please don't take this the wrong way. I am so grateful for the 
effort and support. It's just that there are lot's of folks out here 
who need Python, and the best way for them to see that is with clear, 
complete instructions.

Jerry S.

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