ANNOUNCE Mailman 2.0.2 (important privacy patch)

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Sat Mar 3 09:39:57 CET 2001

I'm please to announce the 2.0.2 release of Mailman, the GNU Mailing
List Manager.  Mailman is released under the GNU General Public
License (GPL).

Version 2.0.2 is an important bug fix release that also fixes a
potential privacy hole, which could allow a list administrator to get
access to user passwords.  Even with those passwords, I believe
there's little additional harm that a list admin could do, but still
they probably shouldn't have access to those passwords.

There are a few other important fixes in this release, so I recommend
that all sites running Mailman 2.0 or 2.0.1 should upgrade.  Mailman
2.0.2 is being released as both a gzip'd source tarball and as a

Mailman is software to help manage electronic mail discussion lists,
much like Majordomo or Smartmail.  Mailman gives each mailing list a
unique web page and allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change
their account options over the web.  Even the list manager can
administer his or her list entirely via the web.  Mailman has most of
the features that people want in a mailing list management system,
including built-in archiving, mail-to-news gateways, spam filters,
bounce detection, digest delivery, and so on.

Mailman is compatible with most web servers, web browsers, and mail
servers.  It should run on any Unix-like operating system.  Mailman
2.0.2 requires Python 1.5.2 or newer.  To install Mailman from
source, you will need a C compiler.

For more information on Mailman, including links to file downloads,
please see the following mirrors:

[Only the SourceForge site is up-to-date at the moment, the others
will be updated soon.]

There are email lists (managed by Mailman, of course!) for both
Mailman users and developers.  See the web sites above for details.


[From the NEWS file]

2.0.2 (03-Mar-2001)

    Security fix:

    - A fix for a potential privacy exploit where a clever list
      administrator could gain access to user passwords.  This doesn't
      allow them to do much more harm to the user then they normally
      could, but they still shouldn't have access to the passwords.

    Bug fixes:

    - In the admindb page, don't complain when approving a
      subscription of someone who's already on the list (SF bug
      #222409 - Thomas Wouters).

      Also, quote for HTML the Subject: text printed for held
      messages, otherwise messages with e.g. "Subject: </table>" could
      royally screw page formatting.

    - In bounce processor, don't bomb out on ill-formed
      messages (no semi-colon separating parameters), otherwise mail
      delivery could grind to a halt.  Bug reported by Kambiz

    - Docstring fix bin/newlist to remove mention of "immediate"
      argument (Thomas Wouters).

    - Fix for bin/update when PREFIX != VAR_PREFIX (SF bug #229794 --
      Thomas Wouters).

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