Good Editor?

Brad Bollenbach bbollenbach at
Fri Mar 23 00:35:01 CET 2001

> Most of my Python programs are so small that IDLE works for me. My
> editors are:
> Windows: EditPlus (

I'll definitely second EditPlus when working on Win32. It's syntax
highlighting isn't nearly as nice as vim's (but this may have been due to
the fact that the syntax highlighting config files just weren't well written
enough, I haven't take the time to verify). One thing to be weary of though:
watch out for autocomplete config files that use tabs instead of spaces in
the config syntax. You'll especially love Editplus if you happen to also be
needing a text editor that's good for writing HTML.

I also think PythonWin makes a nice editor.

On Unix, I'd be using vim.

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