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Check out the Python Imaging Library... join the Image-SIG at

You can download source and binaries at: they've
recently renamed the library the "Pythonware Image Library", still PIL...
don't like the commercialism of the new name though myself... They've done
most of it, but a LOT of people have contributed (including myself).


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| G'day people:
| I'm brand new on this list and am looking for resources about image
| processing in a web environment in Python. I'm wondering if there exists a
| module that does things like the PHP image handling functions
| (creating, copying, resizing, etc).
| I've had a look at the Python Functions Library but there doesn't appear
| to be much in there. I've started to use Python a bit in a web environment
| and like what I've seen so far, and from what I've heard I'm sure there
| must be some pretty flash image handling capabilities hanging around
| somewhere.
| Thanks
| Mick
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