Can Python replace Visual Basic? Should it?

Brad Bollenbach bbollenbach at
Thu Mar 8 03:10:22 CET 2001


> I'd say go for it -- get the Python on Windows book and convert one of


"I'd say go for it" too...I'm looking for people that ARE going for it
though. :)

> distribution).  I converted one of our ASP pages to Python from VBScript
> see if it would be faster (it wasn't), and was pleasantly surprised at how
> easy it was.

Yes, and that's WEB programming, not end-user GUI. In CGI or ASP, using
Python isn't something that would surprise me, and if I knew more about it
right this minute, I might not use Perl to do the odd consulting jobs I do.
But I'm not at that stage just yet.

> I should say, though, that we haven't used any of the GUI toolkits --
> someone else can recommend the best one to use when migrating from VB


Yes, and those were the people I was hoping (as in Mr. Dukarm's case) would
be answering my post, not theoretical "give it a try!"'s...I coulda said
that. :)

Anyways, do I sound bitter? :) No, but maybe the fact that only one person
who saw my original post has actually migrated from VB to Python is an
answer in itself.

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