[Python-Dev] Re: Bug fix releases

Don Tuttle tuttledon at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 4 04:37:12 CET 2001

"Tim Peters
> Note there was never a bugfix release for 1.5.2, despite that 1.5.2 had
> serious bugs, and that 1.5.2 was current for an unprecedentedly long time.
> Guido put out a call for volunteers to produce a 1.5.2 bugfix release, but
> nobody responded.  Past is prelude ...
> everyone-is-generous-with-everyone-else's-time-ly y'rs  - tim

But there is the CVS. And there are those like myself  who are CVS impaired.
Right now there are Fredric's SRE and _tkinter on steroids updates, and
Mark's improved COM support.  I'd love to have these. (Alright I've got
/F's. He compiled 'em.  But Mark's is still in the damn CVS.)  I've prodded
ActiveState to issue Python updates and they've indicated they would--they
just haven't decided when.

I don't think it has to be as formal as an official  pep or separate
development track.  Just whenever our fearless dictator sees that there's
enough good stuff in the CVS, let him decree that a new build shall be made.

Of course we've gotta sell the idea to the dictator.  Nobody's lost their
head trying to do that (gulp) have they?


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