Ruby will overtake Python within four years.

prashant patel cognoscente at
Fri Mar 23 05:58:09 CET 2001

No I am not a ruby programmer not even using any scripting language other once used vbscript in ASP.
my major programming language has been java. But with the experience in java, I want learn a scripting language which increases my productivity, java is simply to redundant.
for example : doing an IO required to use so many classes.
for the past one month i have been find a alternative, 
and found three scripting language python,perl,and ruby.
for now python is my choice, perl is surelty a no for its syntax.but how about python and ruby, as i would be 
allocating a lot of time learing language the particular language, could some one give out facts about ruby.
I would be unjustified actually to ask python lover's the good and bad of ruby compared to python, but these discusions will help us also evaluate python.
And yes the subject line and be taken from.
But my inclination are towards python.

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