Intersesting Questions involving extending and embedding

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Mar 1 07:26:58 CET 2001

"Dev_NuLL" wrote:
> > > The writers of Blender modules release the modules compiled to protect
> > > the source code, and that is what I am also interested in doing.
> >
> >compiled as in DLL/SO, or compiled as in PYC?
> from the original message:
>  How would I go about creating a Windows DLL or Linux
> .so that would do this?

from your original message:

> [a piece of python code]

> I would like to create a primitives module to create 3D solids I would
> like to wrap the above code (or similar) into a module and call it
> 'Primitives' with a 'plane' function [...]

to which the answer is to use a PY or PYC file, like everyone

if you insist on wrapping the PYCs in DLL/SO files (as if that
would make them harder to reverse engineer), search the net
for python2c [1], or study the freeze sources [2]

Cheers /F

1) last seen here:
2) in the source distribution

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