VPython/Tk app works on single processor but not dual

Fred Yankowski fcy at enteract.com
Fri Mar 23 16:38:42 CET 2001


I really want to build VPython from source myself, so that I can
instrument and tweak the C code to check out some theories I've got
about why it's hanging.  If you've got a VC++ project file, I'd like
to have that.  Is the VPython build process for Win32 documented

This problem is getting in the way of my general goal:  creating
interactive programs that allow the user to play with graphic
representations of mathematical concepts.  I'm hoping to create some
stuff that K-12 students will find compelling and will help develop
useful intuition about math.  The "The Book of Numbers" book by Conway
and Guy looks to be wonderful source of material that could be adapted
into such programs.  I'm hoping that VPython displays with Tk
controllers will be a good medium for creating such programs, but I'm
not wedded to that approach.

P.S.  I'm using a 3DFx VooDoo-3 3000 16MB AGP video card.

P.P.S.  I get hundreds of email messages every day.  I have seen that at
least one of the mail servers involved will refuse incoming messages
that appear to come from invalid domain names.

Fred Yankowski

In article <acjmbtsg82rm7biao0e3cmnchff8et6qqr at 4ax.com>,
Les Schaffer  <schaffer at optonline.net> wrote:
>email to you keeps bouncing....
>would you like me to send along my compiled versions of the dll's for
>otherwise, i can probably send you my VC++ project file, or what are
>you using for compilation.
>one last question: what video card are you using?
>les schaffer
>p.s. am interested too in the math side of your application, but will
>focus on mundane things first.

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