Magnitude of the wx* market (was: Python In A Nutshell - suggestions)

Manoj Plakal plakal-NO at
Thu Mar 15 23:16:10 CET 2001

FYI, Robin Dunn (wxPython czar) mentioned (on the wxpython-users mailing 
list a few days back) that a wxPython book was in the works. But it's still 
a while away.

I think the wxWindows web site does mention plans for a "wxBook".


On Wednesday 14 March 2001 19:11, Laura Lewin wrote:
> Sure, we'll take this suggestion into consideration (on expanding wxPython
> coverage) when we publish the next edition of Python Programming on Win32.
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>>> >And while I'm at it, one useful book to have would be on
>>> wxWindows/wxPython.  I see references to it in several places, and a
>>> few intros on the web, but

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