python-dev summary 2001-02-15 - 2001-03-01

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Sat Mar 3 00:51:36 CET 2001

"Tim Peters" < at> writes:

> [Michael Hudson]
> >  ...
> >  The iteraators discussion seems to have disappeared.  At least, your
> >  author can't find it!
> Greg Wilson set up an egroups (now Yahoo) discussion group for it, where
> debate has continued:
> Marc-Andre Lemburg set up another (or agitated toward this end) mailing list
> for it on SourceForge, for reasons that escape me at the moment.  I never got
> around to subscribing to that too; the link on SF:
> appears broken, and the archive link:
> leads to a page that doesn't make sense.

Ah, I'm subscribed to the sf one, which seems to be silent.  I shall
have to check out the Yahho!(bletch)groups one.


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