from Tkinter import *

Kevin Cazabon kevin_cazabon at hotmail.nospamplease!.com
Fri Mar 9 04:34:07 CET 2001

The screwey thing about Fred's document using "from Tkinter import *" is
that there is an "Image" method in Tkinter that totally mucks up the PIL
Image module if you did an "import Image" prior to this...

Seeing as both are in Fred's court, it's kinda a bad idea...

I've battled the problem a couple times (but have learned my lesson) when
getting method errors for Image... really messed me up the first time.

Kevin Cazabon.

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| Hi all,
| With all the discussion around here recently about the
| from foo import *
| idiom, I thought I'd ask about Tkinter. All of Fredrik's
| examples in his guide on Tkinter use
| from Tkinter import *
| Now, I'm aware that the effbot is never wrong about
| anything<wink>, but is it safe to assume that I should not be
| using the above idiom, but the import Tkinter idiom instead?
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