Intersesting Questions involving extending and embedding

Dev_NuLL dev_null at
Sat Mar 3 18:19:50 CET 2001

Damn, your dense
Who the hell said anything about compiling Python code in C ?? For the
last time I want to access FUNCTIONS in another Python module (which
happens to be inside the Blender executable) from within my module.
others have done it, but they won't release the source code.
BTW, you can execute Python code in C modules:

PyRun_SimpleString("print 'Hello Python World'");

>- If you're writing C or C++ code, you're *extending* Python.

Or embedding can be done in C (maybe you should read the docs)

>Read the docs again, and look as the samples shipped with the
>source distribution.  

Like I said, the examples in the docs are too Mickey Mouse.

Please, don't waste your time replying if your post are as usless as
the previous ones were. I can't believe a person can not even get a
simple answer to a simple question. Thank god for the kind sould who
pointed mt to starship.

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