Buffered/Unbuffered on HP-UX (was: Yet another Python vs. Perl speed issue/quest

Christian Tanzer tanzer at swing.co.at
Wed Mar 14 17:51:49 CET 2001

nanotech at europa.com wrote:

> Running the correct code (you are definitely right Christian, I posted
> "bad" Python code!), buffered/unbuffered on Linux is just as fast as
> the Perl (which *is* correct Christian; I am using Perl 5.004, what is
> yours?)

My Linux installation is not quite as old as my machine but its still
ancient. My perl is version 5.003_07 -- sorry for picking on your Perl

Interesting that `map' changes so much between Perl versions.

Hint: starting python with option `-S' shaves off another 20 percent
of real time (for test2.py on my machine).

I hope you'll enjoy Python.

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