Can Python replace Visual Basic? Should it?

Brad Bollenbach bbollenbach at
Thu Mar 8 03:12:46 CET 2001

"Ken Seehof" <kens at> wrote in message
news:mailman.984016452.13746.python-list at
> That's easy.  Yes.

Are you sure? What practical experience (see my original post) with
replacing VB GUI programming with doing it in Python do you have?

> Also, I recommend wxPython ( as your GUI framework (in
> python you have several good ones to choose from).  It's cross platform
> a much cleaner design than the Microsoft stuff.  Be sure to run the

Yes, I know of "all the major" GUI toolkits for Python thanks, that's not
what I was asking. :)

> demo program; it will save you lots of time learning.

Yes, I've already run the demo many, many times, in a galaxy far. far away.

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