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>Maybe post to wrong place. But help me...

We'd be glad to.

>My win2000 cannot work with Jython. When I type jython under c>, =
>sometimes there nothing happened and response me a c>. Why ?? I =
>installed Sun's Java 1.3 SDK already.

You say that "sometimes" nothing happens.  Does the interpreter start
up some of the time, or not at all?  I have Jythin installed on both
Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Advanced Server.  I am even
embedding it into a Java application.  It runs fine in all

A few things to check:

1. Is your JDK properly installed?  Can you type "java" from the C:\>
prompt and have the Java interpreter properly start up?

2. Is the Jython startup batch file in your PATH?  You may want to
type "PATH" at the command prompt and check to see if the Jython
installation directory is listed.  If it's not, you may want to add it
to your PATH so you can run Jython from any directory.

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I hope this helped!


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