Can anyone recomend a good intoduction to C...

Paul Jackson pj at
Fri Mar 9 05:31:48 CET 2001

Courageous asks:
> Echo that. What's "object oriented" about templates?
> !!

No need to shout.  Templates support generic programming,
not object oriented programming.

Bjorn's goal, clearly, was to support a number of styles,
of which O-O is just one.

On the other hand ... I agree at some level with your
frustration.  Despite years of C++ proramming, including
some non-trivial template programming (my mind has a
natural affinity for that style), I still find C++ just
plain "too big" for my modest brain.  Even though, for
some projects, it is the language of choice.

For me, the "projects of choice" are those for which
Python is suitable, not those requiring C++.

Thank-you, Guido, for one very special language.
                          I won't rest till it's the best ...
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