Color curses and Python 2?

Jim Dennis jimd at
Mon Mar 12 16:32:05 CET 2001

In article <slrn9anibn.i3.amk at>, A.M. Kuchling wrote:
>On 11 Mar 2001 10:44:09 GMT, Jim Dennis <jimd at> wrote:
>> I thought I'd heard that color ncurses support would be included
>> in 1.6.  Was it?  I still haven't seen a 1.6.x package

>Yes, it was.  Perhaps the Debian version of Python is miscompiled
>(unlikely), or perhaps your terminal definition is set to something
>that doesn't support colour.


 I can categorically guarantee that my terminal/console supports
 common ncurses color (since I use it with vim, slrn, w3m, lynx,
 xemacs, dialog, and the Perl module among others).

 Heck I can even use color in shell using tput!  (Please don't
 suggest that I use external calls to tput in my Python code;
 that's not the question here).

 As I said, I haven't seen a 1.6.x package for Debian.  I gather
 that the 1.5.x versions don't have ncurses/color support (I 
 compiled my own for that).  Part of the question at hand is whether
 the 2.x betas were supposed to have color support.  

 If so, where do I report this as a bug in the betas.  If not,
 why not (or what changes were made to the programming interfaces;
 is there some other module? are there different methods and 
 attributes? etc).

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