Questions from a beginner

Steve smnordby at
Mon Mar 5 14:33:03 CET 2001

Python is a good choice.  I returned to programming after forgetting
everything I learned 20 years ago in college, dabbled in Java enough to
get confused, then got swallowed by Python and love it.  Python teaches
good programming habits which can be carried over to other languages. 
The problem I am having is that I like Python so much, I have to force
myself to use anything else!

Yes, the Python code you write will be portable beteen Win98 and Linux,
provided you don't use any operating system specific features.  When in
doubt, the documentation that comes with the interpreter specifies when
a feature is not available on all platforms.

Lutz and Ascher's _Learning Python_ is a good book to take you beyond
the tutorial.  Lutz's new edition of _Programming Python_ should be out
soon, and should cover things more in depth.  Both have good snipets of
source code.  If you are going to stick with Python for any length of
time, then _Python Essential Reference_ is indeed THE book.  If you want
to use Tk GUI's, then get John Grayson's _Python and Tkinter

As far as math, if you can remember first year algebra, you are in good
shape to start programming.


Alison Myers wrote:
> Hi. I'm a beginning programmer at a fairly late age and have been looking for a language to learn.
> I have decided against starting with C or C++ because I think they will be too complicated and they seem to be only really needed for writing device drivers and operating systems, which is not what I wat to do.
> Is python a good language to learn first? Will my knowledge help me with other languages later?
> I will be writing for win98 and Linux and I know Python is available on both of these, but would the code be transportable, especially if I write things using tcl (this is probably a long way off yet, but I'd like to know).
> I have links to online tutorials, but where would I find good source code?
> Do I need to buy any books to help me and if so which do you recommend?
> Is there a list of programming projects anywhere or would I get these from a textbook?
> I probably need to brush up on my maths, so what specific topics should I look at?
> Alison

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