Python Programming on Win32 (was: Magnitude of the wx* market (was: Python In A Nutshell - suggestions))

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Thu Mar 15 22:46:28 CET 2001

In terms of a new edition of Python Programming on Win32, we are planning 
but it is not just around the corner.  We want to make sure to cover .NET 
the technology is far from ready for prime time. 
To try to address your other concerns (your mini rant), we are planning 
application-oriented books in the Python space, but these will be for 
developers.  I hear your concerns about books that cover Python apps, but 
ORA's main focus has always been for the developer, and that's where you'll 
see most of our books.  I can't speak for all of the other 
out there.  
Please do check out The Python Cookbook 
(  You mention an interest in 
system administration, databases, network programming.  These are all 
in the Cookbook.  Feel free to contribute recipes, or take any with you!!
LLewin at

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>> Hi,
>> Sure, we'll take this suggestion into consideration (on expanding wxPython
>> coverage) when we publish the next edition of "Python Programming on
>When do you plan to do that?
>And please greatly expand the chapter on system administration!  Better yet,
>create an entire book along the lines of Dave Roth's excellent "Win32 Perl
>Scripting: The Administrators Handbook". In fact many sections of  "Python
>Programming on Win32"  need to be entire books, not just quick intros.
>This leads me to a mini rant that has been building for some time now.  I'll
>try to contain myself ;-)
>Over the last year I've spent several hundred dollars on NON Python books in
>order to learn Python.  Or more precisely, what to do with Python.  It's not
>that Python can't do it, it's that I don't know how to do it, or for that
>matter, that I can do "it".  (I'm finding new "its" everyday.)  And most of
>the "How To" books are written for other languages. So I have many books on
>VBScript, JScript, WSH, Perl and Batch files. And this is just for Admin
>work.  I haven't even started trying to use Python with databases.- Yet- But
>I will.  (And then there's that network programming stuff...)
>So, all you authors and Publishers out there...Put out more topic specific
>Python "How-To" books.  Let's liberate Python from the hands of highly
>skilled developers and give it to your average power user! Power to the
>Python! <wink>
>PS  And don't forget all those pissed off VB programmers that are ripe for
>the picking!

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