Unresolved symbols in MSVCRT.DLL when running a py2exe packag ed program.

Rolander, Dan Dan.Rolander at marriott.com
Fri Mar 2 14:15:44 CET 2001

I agree with Robin and Gordon's assessment. It's risky at best to distribute
system dll's with your application, and impossible to upgrade system dll's
on Win2K because of system file protection.


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Here is a comment about a similar problem in
another py2exe-packed application, which
I received from Jeff Kunce:

>>I just tried runing a py2exe-packaged application on an older NT machine,
>>it choked with an "Entry Point Not Found" error on MSVCRT.dll
>Well, I played with it some more and got it to work.
>I simply excluded all the DLLs that are normally found in NTs system32
>directory (MPR.dll, MSVCIRT.dll, MSVCRT.dll, NETAPI32.dll, NETRAP.dll,
>SAMLIB.dll) - and it works now on the older machine.
>It looks like there is no easy "good" solution to this problem. Here's a
>comment by Gordon McMillan on the topic:
>  http://www.wxpython.org/archive/2000-June/002469.html



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