PEP 1, PEP Purpose and Guidelines

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>[Aside: say Aahz, when you post and email, can you do it with CC's so
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Not easily; I'm reading from the newsgroup, not the mailing list.

>    >>  Note the addition of the Replaces: and Replaced-By: headers
>    >> for formalizing the PEP replacement policy (thanks to Andrew
>    >> Kuchling for the idea and patch).
>    AM> After taking a closer look at Moshe's numeric proposals, I
>    AM> suggest adding a Depends-On: header.  (E.g. PEP 240 depends on
>    AM> PEP 239.)
>What about Requires:?  Or Dependencies: where each entry on the line
>would be a PEP number (which we could hyperlink fairly easily).

Those would certainly be fine; I'm not wedded to any particular naming
scheme.  And, yes, I was assuming that the field could contain multiple
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