Can anyone recomend a good intoduction to C...

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09 Mar 2001 12:47:01 +0000, Michael Hudson <mwh21 at> pisze:

> > working-on-Haskell<->Python-binding-ly y'rs
> Really?  I've had thoughts about doing that, but drifted away from
> haskell for a while.  Do you have anything to show for it yet?

I'm putting the current (incomplete) stuff at

It requires Glasgow Haskell Compiler >= 4.08.2 (older ones don't
support enough of foreign function interface or are too buggy).
nhc98 will be supported as soon as it supports 'foreign export dynamic'

It needs <>. It won't
need it under ghc >= 5.0 (not released yet).

Some day I will want to use Python as a scripting language embedded
in Haskell programs.

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