Jython and JPython Questions...How similar to Python, Tkinter?

Mike Clarkson support at internetdiscovery.com
Wed Mar 28 12:08:28 CEST 2001

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001 11:33:09 +0100, Ype Kingma
<ykingma at accessforall.nl> wrote:

>you wrote wrote:
>> Does Jython support Tkinter? OK, maybe that question as worded is
>> nonsense, let me re-phrase it: If I code a program in Python and put a
>> GUI front end on it with Tkinter, how hard would it be to do the same
>> program in Jython? Or is there a better solution for Jython GUI's?
>From: http://www.jython.org/docs/differences.html 
>Under extension modules:
> However, Finn Bock has a JNI implementation called jTkinter which supports the
> full _tkinter API. Very cool stuff! 
>and this is the link: http://jTkinter.sourceforge.net/

Are you sure this works with jython? From the web page:

  The jTkinter module is a complete java/JNI implementation of the   
  builtin python modules _tkinter for use with the JPython-1.1

I think it needs bringing  up to date for jython, which would be
really nice;  I'd be happy to try to add Tix to it if it worked with
jython 2.x. Finn, can you confirm this?

I know it is not a "pure" Java solution, but there
are a lot of people like myself who need to use
some of the massive Java libraries, and are looking
to Jython to help provide a practical solution.

Moreover, it would help to extend the completeness and
interoperability of the CPython/Jython pair to include GUI work, 
which is an added plus.


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