segfault with PY file but ok with PYC

Niki Spahiev spahievi at
Fri Mar 9 21:54:27 CET 2001


I have very strange problem with python2 (ActiveState and PY20) under Windows (NT4)

If i run "python v1a.pyc" it works but
"python" gives me segfault.

I recompiled PYC file to be current.
Sometimes problem goes away if i rearrange method def's, but if i return
them back problem reappears!
Unfortunately i can't reproduce it with small set of code.

from v1a import main; main()
crashes first time (and produces v1a.pyc)
second time runs ok (probably from v1a.pyc).

Sometimes PY20 distro does not segfault but NOT always.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,
 Niki Spahiev

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