Comparing efficiency in sending mail

Darren New dnew at
Mon Mar 26 04:53:53 CEST 2001

Robin Thomas wrote:
> If you use smtplib, your program is the MTA. Your program must do the
> actual message transfer by itself: checking/munging the message to be sent,
> blocking on connect to destination MTA, handling errors, retrying if
> desired, bouncing message to a mailbox, etc.

Well, all that's usually not a problem if you SMTP to localhost rather than
doing all the MX lookups yourself and such. You're still talking to
sendmail. You're just doing it in a standards-compliant way. Then the local
sendmail handles passing it on from there.

I.e., you're using sendmail as an MUA, not an MTA, just like (say) MH uses

Of course, if the sendmail at localhost refuses the message, then it's probably
a local address and you probably want to know that right away rather than
getting bounce mail back somewhere in a mailbox.

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