Unpickling from strings

Doug Fort dougfort at downright.com
Wed Mar 14 02:20:39 CET 2001

Perhaps it is getting garbled in transmission.  We quote ours:


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"Marcin Chady" <marcin.chady at ntlworld.com> wrote in message
news:qHxr6.19658$pR3.3830844 at news2-win.server.ntlworld.com...
> I have pickled an object into a string and saved it in an hidden HTML form
> field, so that I can recover the state when the form is resubmitted.
> However, when the form comes back and I try to unpickle my object I get an
> error saying that the module in which the object's class was originally
> defined is unknown, even though the CGI script which does the unpickling
> already imported the module!
> Has anyone got an idea why it is?
> Marcin

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