Can Python replace Visual Basic? Should it?

Ken Seehof kens at
Thu Mar 8 02:52:28 CET 2001

That's easy.  Yes.

Also, I recommend wxPython ( as your GUI framework (in
python you have several good ones to choose from).  It's cross platform and
a much cleaner design than the Microsoft stuff.  Be sure to run the wxPython
demo program; it will save you lots of time learning.

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> Brad Bollenbach writes:
> >     Can Python replace Visual Basic? Should it?
> > But really, very specifically, were YOU a former Visual Basic (or
> > Powerbuilder, or Delphi) programmer that is now using Python to write
> > complex GUI's VB used to handle for you? I'm an on again, off again,
> > of Python, who really wants to give this a go, if there's a good chance
> > I'll get the return on my investment: a programming tool that can take
> > where VB, Powerbuilder, and Delphi used to play.

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