ANNOUNCE: The Snack Sound Toolkit v2.0.7

Kare Sjolander kare at
Thu Mar 15 17:43:15 CET 2001

This release contains:

* Several enhancements

* Several important bug-fixes, e.g. related to
  - MP3 decoding
  - sound with > 2 channels

* Updated demos

Change log

2/6/01 (bug fix) Fixed bug in the Macintosh audio code. The sound stop
command now stops sound output without any delay.

2/25/01 (bug fix) Fixed bug in the Windows audio code which limited
output to two channels even though the hardware was capable of more.

3/1/01 (enhancement) The -fileformat option to the sound, read, data,
append, configure, and cget commands now accept an empty string as
argument indicating that no file format was specified.

3/1/01 (bug fix) A number of fixes which gives much more stable MP3
decoding. (Wilkason)

3/1/01 (enhancement) Enhanced file format detection to discriminate
between raw sound files and MP3 files.

3/1/01 (bug fix) Fixed endianess problem in tests/data.test

3/5/01 (configuration improvement) Fixed configure script for FreeBSD to
not use ossaudio library.

3/9/01 (bug fix) Fixed memory leak when playing -file sounds.

3/13/01 (bug fix) Fixed problem for sounds linked to disk files with
more than two channels.

3/13/01 (enhancement) Precomputed waveform shapes now handle
multi-channel sounds. The shape file is now stored in AIFF format with
Lin8 encoding.

3/13/01 (enhancement) The wrap.tcl demo is now more intelligent in
creating its temporary work directory on the Windows platform.

3/14/01 (bug fix) Bartlett analysis window corrected. (Rank)

The Snack Sound Toolkit is designed to be used with a scripting
Currently it supports Tcl/Tk and Python.
Snack adds commands to play, record, and process sound and supports
in-memory sound objects, file based audio, and streaming audio.
It handles fileformats such as WAV, MP3, AU, AIFF, and NIST/Sphere.
Snack is extensible, new commands, filters, and sound file formats can
be added using the Snack C-library. An easy to build example extension
is contained in the source distribution.
Snack also does sound visualization, e.g. waveforms and spectrograms.
The visualization objects update in real-time and can output postscript.

Snack works with Tcl8.0 - Tcl8.4 and Python 1.5.2-2.0
Platforms: Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, NetBSD, Macintosh, and
Windows 95/98/NT/2K.

Source and binaries can be downloaded from

Kare Sjolander
kare at

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