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><snipped a lot of wise things about CGI and Apache>
>> That's a lot more exciting
>> for them than hearing that, with a mere week or two of
>> study, they can install Zope on their own.
>That's pure FUD. Zope takes <depending on your internet connection> time
>to install, about 5 minutes to compile and 30 seconds to startup. And
>using it is not necessarily harder then learning CGI. I'm only mentioning
>it because "Zope is hard" seems to be a commonly uttered phrase, one that
>I believed until I actually had to get a Zope server up and running.
>Hooking up Zope to Apache (say, with reverse proxying) is very easy, though
>it does use some Apache configuration knowledge. This can all be learned
>in a day, and anyone seriously using Apache needs to know about this
There are a lot of people who are frivolously using Apache.

That is, I run into a lot of people who aren't equipped to
install Apache on their own, let alone Zope.  They can *buy*
Apache, though (more precisely, its service equivalent), and
they want to know how far that'll take them, without any more
"programming" or system administration on their part.  What
use could someone uncomfortable with Zope installation pos-
sibly have with Python as a programming language?  Well, it's
a surprise to me, too, but often the answer is, "quite a lot."

Moshe, you're right in all you write here.  I've seen quite a
few folks, though, for whom it's all irrelevant.  They imagine
themselves to have better things to do with a day than learn
reverse proxying (for example).

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