New PEP: The directive statement

Tim Peters at
Sat Mar 24 08:35:50 CET 2001

[Carlos Ribeiro]
> ...
> c) Please keep the proposal *simple*.
> Man, this is turning into a nightmare...

That's why PEP 236 tries to address only one thing -- the immediate problem
at hand.

Beyond that, you're unlikely to end up with something simple; e.g., the C
compiler I use most often has 24 *kinds* of "pragma" statements, several of
which come in variations, even up to the point of having "push" and "pop"
flavors that maintain a bloody *stack* of "current pragmas in effect".  At
least "from __magicname__ import xyz" is ugly enough to discourage trying to
extend it <0.4 wink>.

like-the-skull-&-crossbones-on-a-jar-of-poison-ly y'rs  - tim

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