speeding up string.split()

jcm grumble at usa.net
Sun May 27 18:33:03 EDT 2001

Remco Gerlich <scarblac at pino.selwerd.nl> wrote:

> Hmmmmm. Actually, what happens when you remove the '+' and replace it with a 
> simple backslash? Two literals in a row may form one literal, but two
> strings with a '+' need to be added together every time. I think that this
> *may* make a (small) difference. Wouldn't expect it to be at all
> significant.

It'd be Nice if the Python parser (or bytecode-compiler or whatever
non-runtime thing is most appropriate) would translate the addition of
two string literals into a single string.  Or maybe it does this
already?  I haven't tried.

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