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On Tue, 22 May 2001 10:59:43 GMT, Peter Moscatt <pmoscatt at> wrote:
>Hi Remco,
>Yea, ya right.... it's difficult coming in from one enviroment (Win) to 
>a new one which is totally different.
>So, if Linux programs aren't installable as such, what does the Software 
>Manager do.  I thought it got the RPM files, uncompressed them then 
>installed ??

Correct. You can create installable RPM files from your Python programs.
See for more information. Do note that it's some major
voodoo, but has some interesting benefits too, such as being able to set
up a 'depends' so that a user can't install your Python program without
having the Python interpreter already installed. 

However, do note that doing this without also providing the classic Unix
'tarball' format for other Unix variants (and for Linux variants such as
Debian and Slackware which do not have 'rpm') will result major flamage.

If there's interest, I am the person who created the Red Hat 'rpm's
for the BRU-Pro product (R.I.P.), which was written largely in Python,
and can easily give some tips on how to build rpm's for Python
programs. Do note that rpm-building is an advanced topic, there's no
automated tools for doing it, creating the .spec files for doing it is
major voodoo, and as a beginner you're better off sticking with just
writing your programs and tarballing them if you want to distribute
them to other people.

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