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Greg Jorgensen greg at
Sun May 20 23:23:55 EDT 2001

On 20 May 2001, John Hunter wrote:

> I have some html that I need to parse.  I want to call some function
> on all of the html unless it is in PRE tag.  Then I just want to
> output it verbatim.

This may be more simplistic that you want. Then again it may be a workable

import re

f = open('somthing.html', 'r')
rgx = re.compile(r'(<pre>.*</pre>)', re.DOTALL+re.IGNORECASE)
chunks = rgx.split(

for chunk in chunks:
    if chunk[0:5].lower() == '<pre>':
        # do something with preformatted chunk
        # do something with non-pre chunk

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