Python celebrities photos

Tim Peters at
Wed May 30 16:44:58 EDT 2001

[Barry A. Warsaw, selling pictures of himself again]
> Or equivalently (and more succinctly):
> There's also some fun ones of lots of Pythonistas at
> Alas, Uncle Tim's paid stand-in isn't in there.  He was found the next
> day upside down in a snowbank, with his underwear on the outside of
> his pants, drunk out of his mind.  Tim, did you ever get your money
> back from that guy? :)

Are you kidding?  He got a fat *bonus* for that one!  It worked miracles in
changing my image from a crotchety old bot to a fun kind of guy you can feel
good about leaving your kids with.

    clinic-ly y'rs  - tim

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