Help! Writing COM ActiveDocuments in Python

Carlos Ribeiro cribeiro at
Sun May 6 09:53:33 EDT 2001

I need some help with Win32 and OLE/COM stuff. I'm trying to write an 
ActiveX control in Python. The catch is that I want this control to be 
embeddable, inplace editable, and persistent (able to write itself to a 
stream). Please understand that I'm trying to write it using only Python 
(i.e., I dont want to encapsulate a C++ component). If it ends up being 
impossible for any reason, I'll be happy to do everything in C++ or Delphi 
anyway. I did some searches, but I could not find any example of this 
stuff. Do someone have a pointer for this specific kind of application?

Another way to do what I want was suggested by Alex Martelli, that is to 
use MSHTML for this. While it does sound interesting, I was wondering if it 
is a good idea - it seems to make things more complicated to have the kind 
of control that I want.

Carlos Ribeiro

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