Reinitializing the python interpreter form Java

Andre M. Descombes amdescombes at
Fri May 25 09:12:56 EDT 2001

Hi Ype,

I tried your method, but when I have global variables, they don't seem to be
changing their values after I do the setLocals, even with then copy()

Any Idea what might be happening?


Andre M. Descombes

> > I tried using getLocals and setLocals with no success.
> Did you make a copy of the dictionary returned by getLocals()?
>     savedLocals = getLocals().copy()
> Each time you run your program you will have to pass it a fresh
> copy of this copy, too:
>     interpr.setLocals(savedLocals.copy())
> The fresh copy will give the restore effect.
> Have fun,
> Ype

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