Help! Writing COM ActiveDocuments in Python

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Sun May 6 20:46:59 EDT 2001

Carlos Ribeiro wrote:

> I need some help with Win32 and OLE/COM stuff. I'm trying to write an 
> ActiveX control in Python. The catch is that I want this control to be 
> embeddable, inplace editable, and persistent (able to write itself to a 
> stream). Please understand that I'm trying to write it using only Python 
> (i.e., I dont want to encapsulate a C++ component). If it ends up being 
> impossible for any reason, I'll be happy to do everything in C++ or 
> Delphi anyway. I did some searches, but I could not find any example of 
> this stuff. Do someone have a pointer for this specific kind of 
> application?

   Python's COM support does not support fully-fledged controls.  The 
win32comext/axcontrol directory is the start of work in this direction, 
and supports many of the interfaces needed.  If you would be happy to 
help, and to donate a trivial sample control I would be happy to help 
and guide you to getting this module up to scratch.  As you say you are 
willing to use C++, hacking on some of the Python extensions should not 
scare you too much.

Mail me if you think this sounds good...


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