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Fri May 4 05:37:32 EDT 2001

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 12:30:11PM +0200, Alex Martelli wrote:

> Most changes since 1.5.2 seem to me to be quite good ones,
> making Python even better for its job[s], at modest (if any)
> cost in simplicity -- I can think of only one blatant
> counter-example, and a few cases where I am not going to
> be able to decide whether I like or dislike the change
> until and unless I get more practical experience using
> it, teaching it, etc.  The net effect seems OK to me...

Being one of the people who changed stuff since 1.5.2, I'm probably biased,
but I have to agree with this. I'm worried too, but not about the same
things as AMK. For instance iterators, augmented assignment, import-as,
distutils-setup, healing the type/class dichotomy all are good things to me.
The only thing I really dislike in the changes since 1.5.2 is oddly enough
unicode support, which AMK in a later posting declared the most important
feature since 1.5.2 <wink>. I doubt I will ever need to use unicode, so *to
me*, it's a waste of resources.

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