which distro and Gui ?

Mark Hadfield m.hadfield at niwa.cri.nz
Wed May 9 07:01:22 CEST 2001

From: "Yvon Boulianne" <mysticsguy at yahoo.ca>
> Hello everybody, i'm starting to use python but before investing some
> times in it i like to have a suggestion.
> which version of python is the more (standard), i know there is
> activestate version, beopen, and twistedmatrix and maybe more ?  which
> one better to run (on win95) ?

I suggest either "standard Python"


plus the Windows extensions


OR ActivePython 2.1


There's not much to distinguish between them at present.

> also for the Gui, which one is the better one ? (faster execution, run
> on many platforms, stable etc..)  i know there is Tkinter and wxpython
> and some other.

I like WxPython:


Tkinter's pretty cool too. Take a look at both (but try the WxPython demo
first, and you'll be blown away.)

> my purpose is to be able to learn OO and do some application (mainly
> networking apps) so any suggestion will be verry cool :)

Then you couldn't do better than Python

> p.s. is it possible that some version of python are not compatible
> with Tkinter (i think i read that somewhere, if i remember well it was
> the active state who have a problem with it) ?

The latest ActivePython includes Tkinter.

And, above all, don't agonize about distributions, just get into it!

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