Why isn't Python king of the hill?

Bruce Sass bsass at freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Wed May 23 19:22:56 EDT 2001

"Samuel A. Falvo II" <kc5tja at dolphin.openprojects.net> wrote:
> Also, consider that Java and Python are designed to serve two different
> markets.  Python is a host scripting language, while Java is a platform
> independent binary representation

Like .pyc|o's, ya.

What is a "host scripting language"?

More generally (and directed towards those who would say, "Python is a
scripting language"), why is Python even called a "scripting"

Python is way too verbose to be a scripting language.  i.e., Runs
`farther' from the OS than a scripting language should.


	cat name.pt{1a,2a,3b} > name	vs. ???

well, I'd probably do os.system("the-sh-script-line"); and a file with
that, an import, and a #! line in it would be silly, IMO.

- Bruce

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