[ANN] xio, the cross platform serial IO python module

Pablo Bleyer Kocik pbleyer at embedded.cl
Tue May 29 19:17:24 CEST 2001

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   I am releasing an early beta of a cross platform serial IO module 
for python, codenamed "xio". The idea is that the interface will remain
very similar across platforms. It currently supports POSIX systems using 
the standard termios implementation, and Win32 systems through the native 
Windows API. Actually, the module borrows code from a library for embedded 
systems we are writing at my company ("ecl - embedded control library"); 
however the module is completely idependent from it.

   Currently, the module implements port creation, opening, closing,
configuration, reading, writing & status peeking. It has been tested under
Linux-x86 and Win-9X. It contains a naïve implementation of flow control 
(and pretty untested -- so beware!).

   You can download the source files & binaries for Python-2.1 (Linux-x86, 
libc6-gcc-2.95.2 & Win32, mingw32-2.95.3) from http://ecl.embedded.cl/xio.
Please, send comments, suggestions & bug reports to pbleyer at embedded.cl.

  [multi-platform-io-serialized-ly'yrs, PBK]
Pablo Bleyer Kocik
Design Engineer
embedded^cl -- http://www.embedded.cl

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