Input-Output to web pages, Jython? Zope? Tkinter? JavaScript? Advice???

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Sun May 13 21:52:43 EDT 2001

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> 3. Is there a simpler Python web server program that will allow me to do
> what I discuss in (2) above in a simpler, easier way? I do not need much
> functionality at all from such a web server, and expect very low volume.

Check out Twisted Python at and look at the part
on twisted.web. I view twisted.web as in Zope's domain, but somewhat of an
anti-zope. (ie, simple and functional). It's really a kick to write web
resources and work with Twisted Python in general. It's a very neat
research project, but with practical goals.

Anyway, I think twisted.web is the perfect solution to what you talk
about in #2 above. Try it out. But don't get mad when you get sucked into
a whole other Twisted Universe.

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