Using Lisp to beat your Competition

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Wed May 2 18:23:16 EDT 2001

Cameron Laird wrote:
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> >languages (Java, C, C++).  It isn't a "silver bullet", but it can speed
> >up the development process as much as 5 times.
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> That's the narrow-sense development process, where
> employed programmers only spend ten hours a week of
> their time anyway.  The rest goes to figuring out
> hardware failures, planning lunch destinations,
> tracking down what happened to all the bandwidth
> someone just ordered, learning about the latest
> corporate reorganization, ...

Yes and no.  If those 10 hours of actual coding now produce 50 hours
worth of results, overall productivity goes up by a factor of five
anyway (measured in terms of LOC, function points, whatever).  I've seen
that happen. 

On the other hand, if the programmer now spends 2 hours per week coding
and an extra 8 hours vacuuming the cat, it doesn't help so much.  I've
seen this happen too.

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