Silly me, print?

Carlos Ribeiro cribeiro at
Wed May 9 15:25:19 CEST 2001

At 04:25 09/05/01 +0000, Courageous wrote:
>Yep. Funny, programming in python all this time. I'm sure I'd never
>known you could use a comma for that. Speaking of this, where in
>the python documenation can I find information on the print statement?
>I follow library index->print and get builtin types for some reason.

I have seen someone else complaining about this a few weeks ago. It seems 
that the DOC [is being | will be] changed. That's because print is a 
statement; if you look at the reference manual index, there [is | was] no 
section on 'built-in statements' like print.

p.s for you to feel better: a few days ago I could not remember the print 
to file syntax, and could nbot find it in the help after a simple search 
(just as you did). Then I did some interactive experiments to sort out the 
argument order (is it 'print >> file, ...' or 'print file >> ...'? :-).

Carlos Ribeiro

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