Evaluating python - a question

Stephen Hansen news at myNOSPAM.org
Thu May 17 16:29:33 EDT 2001

    Contrary to popular belief, I've never actually had to search my
projects endlessly as I looked for such an error. So, either I don't typo,
or its not quite so hard to find the typos when they do occur.
    Perhaps its just me, but dispite what everyone who doesn't know Python
seems to always say, errors related to A) the theoretical 'ease' of
misindenting something, and B) typos of variable names, never did show up
for me.

<alan.prescott at nospam.jarrold.com> wrote in message
news:9e100t$8e1$1 at news.netmar.com...
> I'm just starting to look at Python as a language but there's one thing
> is bothering me regarding using it for large projects and that's the ease
> with which I can put in a simple typo and not have it spotted by the
> compiler. For example;-
> I create a class ...
> class person:
> This class has an attibute of forename so
> me = person()
> me.forename = 'Alan'
> is Ok but a simple typo (especially with my keyboard skills) of
> me.froname = 'Fred'
> will go undetected and I'll have to spend ages digging around to find a
> which languages like C/C++/Pascal would throw out at compile time.
> Is there any mechanism in Python to detect typos like this as, in a large
> program, they're bound to happen.
> Thanks - Alan
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